Last night was a bit of  a gong show. With J working all night I got to do the monthly grocery run by myself. I enjoyed the shopping part since I could take my time and read labels and squeeze fruit and all that jazz, but the hauling it all in (in a cold snap...with a car hatch that won't stay up anymore...grrr) and putting it all away took forever on my own. Thankfully it's all done though. Poor J is coming down with a cold. I'm crossing my fingers I don't get it. We shall see. I haven't been sick in eons so I'm due, but I'll try my best to stay plague free. Poor guy is so busy it's no wonder he's run down...hopefully he can keep on schedule and not miss too much work over it.
This morning I came in for "maybe" sculpt class. They weren't sure who would teach it since the usual new instructor who was a no show last week has fallen off the face of the earth...but yelly Mel volunteered to come in and teach and, you know, it ended up being a fantastic over-all class. We worked every major muscle group well and she broke up the sets of reps into reasonable groups so we could focus on heavier weights and better form. Now I feel great :) A little cottage cheese and blackberries (mmmm) and my coffee chocolate protein shake and I'm good to go.
Today is another day of packing up labs and getting busy prepping for the move to the new labs...and helping all the academics who you would think had never done anything for themselves ever before in their lives. I think hand holding and general encouragement is in my job description somewhere :)
Must dash. Long day ahead. Have a good one :)


Yum Yucky said...

GAH! J is getting sick again? Woman, you need to put him on a teaspoon of colloidal silver per day. It will cut back on his illnesses and keep you plague-free as well.

Gong show. I had forgot about that. hehe. I watched the re-runs as a kid. Funny funny stuff. That was real TV.

azusmom said...

(I LOVED "The Gong Show!")
Here's hoping J doesn't get too sick, that you don't get sick at all, and that the hand-holding goes as well as possible.

JavaChick said...

I'm with you. I don't mind doing the grocery shopping on my own, but I don't enjoy dragging it all into the house and putting it away on my own.

MIz said...

OOOH may I hire you to be my hand holder today??