twice is nice

Last night we went out for supper for my Dad's birthday...for chinese food again! He hee. Yum. :)
I missed bellydance class and could have made part of it after supper but I was full and tired, so we just came home after to relax instead instead of rushing around madly to try and get in a bit of dancing. After I came home I was feeling chilly so I curled up with the cats and my fuzzy penguin blanket from my Mum by the heat dish with some music and ended up napping for an hour...and then decided to just go to bed early! I suppose I needed some sleep and it's a long week ahead. I felt great this morning so it was the right thing to do, even tho it means more work for me today.

Workout today was spin class with a new instructor. I really liked her. She made you work hard, but without the yelling :) Wore my new black nike dri-fit sports crop top (like new for $5 -Value Village score!)  and new blue Lorna Jane tank top and felt good...always makes me work hard when I'm feeling good in my workout clothes. My tank top was very sweaty by the end so I know I got my workout in. After the 45 minutes of spin I threw in some extra leg bonus...basically the leg moves from the monday DailyHiit "Thriftshop" workout without the squat jumps (they aggravate my knee). Due to time, I did only just one "round" through of it and 25 reps of each exercise instead of a timed 50 seconds work /10 seconds rest because I forgot to put the new battery in my interval timer (heh oops).
The bonus workout was:
-squat with a knee raise medicine ball side twist, right leg (8Lb medicine ball)
-deep squats with shoulder raises (5 Lb dumbbells)
-Diamond squat jump jacks
-Diamond lunges with weight (8Lb medicine ball, back lunge + side lunge, 15 each each leg)
-squat knee raise medicine ball side twist, left leg (8Lb medicine ball)
-Squats with side leg raises (both sides)

After I had more of my coffee enhanced"mocha madness" protein and a good breakfast (banana+1/2c granola+1/4c yogurt). I have decided on my new mini goal for Feb - take my vitamins daily. I don't and I should, so I'm going to try and get back to it. Since there is a place in my new protein shaker for vitamins I have no excuse. I know my stomach is bothered when I take them on an empty stomach so it seems like the perfect solution. Day one is done.
And now? Time to get to work.
I ordered some bellydance pants and 2 tops on the internet with a friend from class from pumped for them to arrive...I'm going to be such a keener checking my mail every day until they get here :)
Later taters!!


Yum Yucky said...

I have such a hard time swallow vitamins. My gag reflex is turrrible. Still waiting for video footage of your dancin'. O_O

azusmom said...

Sounds fun!!!!!