spiders and cheating

Well today I was up and in for spin and sculpt class. A solid workout. I feel good. As a bonus - My mum-in -law picked me up some more chocolate protein powder at Costco (I like the chocolate Kaizen brand - decent quality whey protein that tastes good for good price) so this morning I had a protein shake after my workout for the first time in the new year (ran out before christmas). On a whim I added a half a teaspoon of instant coffee to the scoop of chocolate mix and it was very tasty. This is a decent protein powder for a fair price. Good amount of protein, not loaded with cholesterol and no fakey sugary taste...nice and chocolatey -turns out the coffee makes it taste like the uberexpensive iso-100 mocha flavoured protein powder I love but can't really afford. The Kaizen is $55 for 2 Kg. About 1/3 the price of the other stuff.

I also tried out my new black Spider 2go shaker bottle and I have to say - it rocks. It's a huge step up form the tupperware gravy shaker I was using before (what? it kinda worked...) It's even got little screw on bits at the bottom for vitamins or keys or extra protein powder or what have you. Perfect for people like me who leave the house at stupid o'clock and don't get home until late - no baggies or pouches of powder or vitamins to stash in your bag or purse anymore. But most of all - the little springy thing in it really works -it really does make perfectly mixed, foamy yummy protein shakes. Two giant thumbs up from me! Seriously the best designed shaker bottle I've ever seen. It's like a lab tool...for my muscles. Muahaha!
I had my first what you'd call weekly "cheat" meal last night in my new stricter-eating uberfrau plan. It was J's Dad's birthday so we had chinese food. I was good with the main meal and also had an egg roll and piece of apple pie with a bit of ice cream. So very good. I'm slowly learning that I can enjoy my favourite foods without gorging myself to blechiness on them. Only took me 39 years to start to figure it out. Go figure.
Must be off. It's a gorgeous -6 out today and I have much to do before I get to go celebrate *my* Dad's birthday tonight after work.
Have a good one!


Yum Yucky said...

wow. that cup is really fancy. I'm intrigued!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oooh, the chocolate coffee combo sounds great, must try! I have a vanilla whey powder I like (Whole foods house brand) but could add cocoa powder and just brew a little extra coffee in the morning and give it a whirl.

Yesterday was a Super Bowl gorgefest, but I'd skipped breakfast and lunch in preparation. I'm not so good at operating the moderation dial, but at least my on/off seems to be working.

azusmom said...

Whew! I thought, from the title, this post would contain REAL spiders *shiver*.
I, too, had a bit of a Superbowl gorge, much of it from depression (guess which team I was rooting for). But this morning I'm drinking water, eating an apple, and had a (chocolate Vega) smoothie, so I feel lots better.
Happy birthday to your dads!!!!!