Oh Vannah?

This morning was sculpt class. The instructor Mel (she who often yells in spin) hurt her neck at her job lifting a client (she is an EMT) so she was healed up enough to teach, but couldn't demo all the moves we did in class. And guess who she used as her demo for good form for a lot of the moves today? Me! He hee. So proud of myself for getting stronger inside and out. A few years ago I would have been mortified to be singled out and watched by a class of 20 people. Now, I just focused on doing the move right and took it as a compliment :) Being able to do proper form for harder moves like 1 legged squats and planks and behind the head shoulder presses has been something I've worked on for a while now. A "non scale victory" if ever there was one.

And it was a good workout. We even did a few bicep curls with our palms down and it worked the forearm muscles...weird feeling when you use muscles you don't often use. It was a bit light on the legs overall today, but since I did some yesterday I don't feel cheated. Now it's off for a busy day and busy evening. Having Dad come to visit monday and tuesday was nice, but I certainly didn't get any work done. Turns out J needs my help desperately to plan, prep and help him build a stage saturday (which he's still planning...he heh...um...oh dear my luv is such a procrastinator) so I'm trying desperately to get a good final draft of my paper done around that for friday AM with greatly reduced time so that my supervisors can take it with them when they are away next week.  It's reading week so they get a holiday. Lucky sods.
Dad and I went grocery shopping last night, since I had to go and we just wanted to visit (and J was working) so it was fun and odd to wander and buy my groceries with Dad. Just nice to spend time with him, you know? We had a little of my blueberry wine when we got home while unpacking it all and visited until late so I'm a bit tired, but it was worth it. He heads home today and I will miss him.

Hope you all have a good day. I'm gearing up for 4 or 5 days of crazy ending with a good old friend of ours visiting from China on the weekend. Just have to survive and get there first without overdoing it and killing myself or my spouse in the process!!
Courage. :)


Yum Yucky said...

A friend from China! Very exciting. Please don't kill J. That would be rude.

azusmom said...

Scientist/fitness model!

Here's to slogging through, and a nice reward at the end!