sweaty palms

I was unaware, until today, that the back of my hands could sweat during a workout. Yup. Today was a tough spin class and in addition the room was very warm. Usually there is a big fan to turn on on days like this but for some reason it was MIA, so by the end of it I was sweating like crazy. She went a bit longer too, so we got a good solid 50 minutes of spin today-whew. I did a few ab things at the end and I am so very ready for my day. I am stiff from yesterdays tough workout in odd places too, so I feel very Amazon today. Strong :)

 A friend of mine sent me this.
I had told her about feeling amazon and super strong lately and this was her response about her new super powers :) Made me laugh out loud. I think tough workouts and marathons should reward you with a cape at the end. I mean medals are cool, but a cape? I'd be in for it :)

Must be off to another busy day of work and finishing up my paper draft. It is coming along nicely and needs some serious proofing and a few things added, but it's coming together well...just keep swimming...


azusmom said...

Love it!

Spin class does make you sweat in odd places. Like the first time my inner elbows were sweating. Ah, good times!

Yum Yucky said...

back of the hand sweat? dear gawd! that's taking sweat to a whole 'nother dimension.