I can't stop giggling at this...

Lazy day yesterday. The roads have been slickly icy lately, so the bus ride home took forever even after being 30 minutes late, so by the time I got home I was chilled to the bone. Had a nice supper and relaxed with J a bit before picking up my Dad at the airport. Got a nice little visit with him in before sleep. He's off this AM, but will be back for Christmas. It's good to see him. :)

This morning I came in on the cold bus to workout, and made it into the yelly lady's spin class. It was a good class though. Hard, but she was really hyper this morning and kept making us laugh and talked to distract us from some of the drills. I feel like it was a really solid workout. Today is another busy day, with a big meeting happening this morning that makes me nervous. There's a huge deficit at the university so they have to make cuts all over and today we learn what those are in our department. I'm OK, but I don't know what we might lose. It's worrisome that some of my friends may lose their jobs.
Crossing my fingers that our group, being the people that make this place work, will be relatively untouched and safe.
We shall see.
Have a great day. And if life gets to be too much today, just do the Whaaaaaat and it'll seem less scary :)


Yum Yucky said…
oh no. I hope that meeting doesn't go terrible. I'll be over here practicing those dance instructions (because you know I will) until you let us know how the meeting went...
Geosomin said…
Well...work seems to be OK for now. *whew*
A few people who left aren't being rehired, but that's it so far for people...Time to relax a bit...
Miz said…
that's my level of dancing.

hope the meeting went well?!

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