sweet cuppin cakes

Good morning. :)
Today has been fantastic so far. Sculpt class and a good night's sleep. Wearing some new duds...and I feel awesome for some reason. I'll take it! :).

The work meeting went OK. It seems our area is safe so far with no major needs being lost, and the only cuts being to people who have left who won't be renewed. So in a way it's sucky as some of us will have to do more, but at least, for now, we're all safe. A lot of other departments lost a lot of people, and a few departmental libraries will be closing, so it's a relief to know that, especially right before christmas.

Last night was both a bomb and prize-winner as far as the kitchen was concerned. I attempted to make something new for work potluck today - eggnog cream cheese balls rolled in nuts from a recipe I found online...which never set. So, in the end I have some tasty creamy cheese dessert spread instead. So, I pulled out my baker hat and made some delicious egg nog cupcakes from this site after a bit of hunting - I figured I'd use the failed cheesey balls as icing.
Score :)
I made minicupcakes. I prefer them to large ones...I don't have a big sweet tooth so they're just the right size. They turned out spectacularly and are totally bus totable, so today I have a few dozen minicupcakes for the lunch potluck. It's for my old department that I left last year, and I'm flattered they invited me back for a visit (although J thinks it's just so I'll bring them some dessert- I kinda have a rep to protect here...he hee!). It is a really multicultural department, so potlucks have curries and steamed dumplings and menonnite food all combined. I can't wait. :)
Must dash. Lots to do. Have a great day!


azusmom said...

Glad your department isn't too badly affected by the cuts!
And those cupcakes sound delish!!!!!

Yum Yucky said...

Hooray for no terribly-terrible employee news! I wanna be a fly at that potluck. I'd land on every dish to sample the goods, and you guys wouldn't even know it.

MIz said...