Monday already?

Busy full weekend. There was eggnog french toast.
Oh. Yeah.
Quick post. Must dash.
Came in for spin and sculpt class and killed it :)
Now it's time for craaaaazy work day!
Later taters...


I really like the way you say things.
I pretty much feel the same, already Monday??! i want to be fit.
Yum Yucky said…
Eggnog french toast? Great idea. I actuallyhate eggnog, but the hubs and older son love it. Do I just dip the bread in the nog, or must something fancier take place? I wanna make it for them.
Geosomin said…
I add an egg to a cup of low fat eggnog and a pinch of nutmeg and which it up and that will coat ~ 2 slices of bread. Cook up nicely. You have to use a bit lower heat because the sugar int he eggnog make it brown up quicker than usual, but it is delicious. I'm not a huge fan of drinking eggnog but I love making french toast and pancakes with it.
Geosomin said…
which it up...yeah yeah which it good.
Whisk it up :)

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