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Last night I got the tree up! Yay!
Oh sure I was up until midnight sorting through ornaments for some to give away first, and had to rearrange the living room to have somewhere to put it, but nana's old white tree is up!
I love's an old old fake plastic cedar from the 50s...I've never seen another one like it. J lived with his nana and mom until he was 5 and has so many fond memories of it, so she made sure to leave it to him and we both love it. Lots of blue lights and all our favourite ornaments. I even put some lights and a few old ornaments on the "regular" tree we have int eh living room, just for kicks. Some years I go all arty and try and coordinate the tree with colours or themes, but this year it's just all the ornaments I could find that made me smile up on there. We still have a whole whack of other ornaments for another little tree that we have, that I'm not going to set up this year, but they're all sorted and organized in a Rubbermaid bin, so they're ready for next year. I've also got a parcel to mail out to my sister's family. Went to bed all grinney and happy - I love christmas :)
(photo: courtesy of Natalee Dee)
This morning was hard to get up for...tired. But I got up and came in for spin and sculpt class and enjoyed it thoroughly. The students are starting exams so it's quieter in the gym. I brought in an old wreath and a set of lights to put up in my office, so I'm gonna go do that now and get to work.

Hope you all have a great evening.

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Yum Yucky said...

fake tree over here, too! And the tree skirt has my old cat's hairs all over it (she's gone now). I refuse to wash that tree skirt. It's has on it the only organic memories of my kitty cat, Hannah.