Oh my giddy arms

Last night when I got home it had snowed again another 4 inches (grrr). Thankfully I was having one of those rare go go crazy energy PMS days, and so I spent another 40 minutes happily shovelling snow. I cleared out around the back area where we park the vehicles too which I hadn't gotten to last time I had to shovel...it took a while and after the heavy sculpt workout my arms were very tired by the time I was done, but I did it. When my dad gets home from Ottawa next week he'll actually be able to get his car out now to get home!
After I vegged a bit and had supper I got my christmas mailing together to send out today, as well as some household chores I've needed to get to. I'm trying to get a last few things finished up so I can get to the christmas decorations this weekend...hee hee. Can't wait. I love that we've put in some serious work to the home...we thought about having people over on the weekend after J's christmas work party and it didn't fill us with embarrassment and dread...cuz the house is getting organized! :)

This morning was spin class with the evil lady, and I'm in for a long day at work after a hard sweaty workout. Lots to do, and much to plan. My arms are achey stiff today and my back is a bit stiff, but overall, I'm good. Just enough to know I really worked hard yesterday.
I am strong.
I like that :)

If you all out there have any snacky ideas please pass them my way. I'm hunting for new nibbles. I'm thinking of making these as a holiday food for the family...whaddaya think? Olives, cream cheese and pickled carrots...cutified, and strawberries and devonshire cream santified :)

 We're doing snacks and nibbles instead of christmas supper this year to relax and play games so I have to find some things to bring. I'm thinking these, veggies and dip, guacamole and pita chips and and some baked meat buns will be on the menu.

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