plague zone

My husband has been attacked by a cold. He's gone from normal to full out coughing sick in a day. I am torn between trying to stay well and just kissing him a lot so I get sick and get it over with too. I'd rather be sick and better before christmas than get what he has later and be coughing and miserable in chirstmas and new years. We shall see. I had my flu shot and he didn't, so maybe I'll be OK after all.

Last night was some relaxing. As J was sick we just relaxed on the couch and watched a movie and nibbled on some kale chips and some more cookies. Yum. Tonight I have to make some food for a potluck at work. I'm debating just bringing some of my christmas baking and cheating...we'll have to see how lazy I am tonight. J's never had vanillekipfl and isn't big on cookies usually bit he's been eating them so fast I may have to make some more on the weekend. Me? I'm more partial to the gingersnaps... :)

This morning I came in for sculpt class and she worked us hard through all our major muscle groups. A few times I was shaking and could hardly finish my reps...I think I will be stiff tomorrow. It felt good though. After some cottage cheese and raspberries and agave syrup (one of my favourite breakfasts in the world) I am off to the lab.

Later taters...


Yum Yucky said...

"Plague Zone" sounds like an awesome title for a hit zombie movie. If you have a camcorder you should probably get some footage of J hacking up phlegm for the opening scene. And then you kiss him... and become... the infected.

(errr, but don't do any of this until after Christmas)

MIzSick said...

I am your husband.


I shall click away now in case I be can transfer this through the screen :)