cookie shmookie...nom nom nom

So my desire to not eat cookies lasted about 5 hours he heh.
Oh yes I am a bastion of willpower!
After a ridiculously late bus (42 minutes late...and it is supposed to run every 30!) I made it home late and freezing cold to a warm quick supper and...some vanillekipfl cookies :) It was a lazy evening of a few errands. Time got away from us and suddenly it was time to snuggle under the fluffy duvet and start all over again today.
I love my duvet. I would give up most things just to keep my duvet. Except coffee. And perhaps those Alpine white chocolate peppermint thingys.
Anyways...this morning I came in all wide awake and cheerful and my favourite old boot camp instructor was subbing in and teaching spin class. It was great. Now after a little Iogo key lime pie yogurt (this stuff is heavenly) I'm off to the lab to do.........SCIENCE!!


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Yum Yucky said...

I used to make vanillekipfl every Christmas with my grandmother. I miss those dang cookies. Need to start making some. ((burp))