The dark side has the best cookies

I started trying to make red velvet cupcakes last night...and then thought it was too dull, so I took one of Alton Brown's cookie recipes an changed it up to make it (IMHO) better and christmassy. They are dang good. White chocolate and peppermint go so well together and the red color makes it really christmassy I think. So that makes 5 kinds of cookies I've made now...he heh. Needless to say I have a HUGE tray of various cookies for the potluck today. Yum. I posted a nifty photo and recipe as tweaked over on my foody blog which I've been sorely neglecting. I used my Darth Vader flipper to ensure cookie perfection when cooling...aaand, of course, I ate more cookie dough. So it goes! :)

This morning was spin class with yelly Mel, but she was all hyper, having just come off her regular night shift (she's a paramedic in the real world) so even though the workout was brutally hard, she was cracking jokes and talking and singing along and it was (dare I say?) fun. Sweated off all that cookie dough and now it's my second last work day before holidays begin.


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