back to it

Whew! I'm all trained up and back at work today. It was a really good training seminar. It helped me with a lot of things I don't know much about being a new manager. Really practical stuff...I was worried it would be a crappy thing full of buzz words and personal empowerment lessons, but it was really good. Hopefully I can put it to use.

Thankfully there was no more snow. Everything looks gorgeous and christmassey and the city is digging out from under it all. Tuesday I could do my regular planned home workout and did the Girl on Fire workout with ab bonus and a few other random ab things before I was off to my training class. Yesterday was a long exhausting day, with errands and groceries and a late supper and I fell into bed exhausted at 10. This morning I was up and in to work and workout as usual. Today is the last day of classes for the students so it's a lot quieter and I could fit into the sculpt class and have a good all over body workout. My arms have that lovely ache they get when they've been pushed to work hard :)
Now it's to work to catch up on the last few days. Gotta run.
Later taters...

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