Winter plans

I was reading a post from a few years in october when I started up a good winter workout plan that I remember really enjoying. I was thinking about it over lunch and I think it will give it a shot starting monday and see how it goes:

M/W/F: 30 min HIT cardio on the bike or elliptical
T/Th: 25 minute swim
Weekends: what I can fit in. Maybe nothing...maybe walks, elliptical, exercise ball DVD...

Muscle work:
M/Th: Lower body and abs
T/F: Upper body weights
Wed - a bit longer cardio and a focus on core and back

Sounds reasonable to me. Wed or Sat I may swap in a ZWOW or bodyrock workout or try and hit the sculpt class Wednesdays when there's room. I just need a bit of regularity and newness. Plus I would like to get back to swimming this winter. It's so nice when it's stupid cold out to hop in a pool every once in a while and I really enjoyed it. Plus, now that I have a locker I can leave my swim stuff there and it will be way less of a hastle.

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Yum Yucky said...

the winter had me thinking over here, too. I usually do my speed rope work in the driveway, but bringing that inside. We have carpet but I'll be purchasing one of those thick hard gym floor-ish mats for speed rope inside.