halloween fail

Yesterday was a fail nutrition wise. Why? Well I honestly don't have a sweet tooth (I like salty stuff) and I still ended up eating a rediculous amount of Halloween candy yesterday at work and at home. Not proud of it. Very relaxing fun time at work...got too festive with the candy. Mindful eating was definitely not on the radar. At least I got to wear my bear head all day! :)

After supper we had more kids come to our door than ever before and then when I ran out to get more candy since it looked like we'd been invaded and were out of it...no one else came. So now I have a bag of spiderman candy, which thankfully I am not tempted by. So much sugar yesterday I just feel blech.
So today I'll be good. Every day is a new one...and a good one :)

I came in and did my own workout. After yesterday which was pretty upper body intense I made up my own mostly lower body workout, followed by 30 min on the elliptical.
3 sets of the following with 12 Lb dumbbell:
-20 weighted box step ups, each side
-20 one legged dead lifts
-15 lawnmower pulls (with one dumbbell)

2 sets of:
-leg extensions (40 Lb)
-back extensions
-hanging ab crunches
-weighted side leg raises (100Lb)
-weighted thigh crunches (100Lb)
-weighted kick backs (100Lb)

Very solid workout.
Now...to the lab.

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Yum Yucky said...

I had zero candy yesterday. Just not into it. But stick a loaf of buttery french bread in my face, and we're gonna have a greedy-problem.