Slip sliding away.

This morning was sculpt class. Lots of great stuff for upper and lower body and abs. A lot of cool exercises using towel sliders. I enjoyed it.
I've been planning out my workouts for the weekend since I'm going away on a girls-only trip to the US this weekend. I'm the designated driver for the 8 hour late drive friday night to get us there since I'm OK driving at night, but I want to be as awake as I can since it's deer migration season and I need to be alert. Soooooo friday I'm sleeping in until 7 instead of getting up at 5:20 to workout and I'll just check out the hotel gym on the weekend while I'm there instead. There's a pool and hot tub, plus I found a few bodyweight only bodyrock workouts so even if they don't have a full on gym facility I can slip in a workout (if I'm not exhausted form walking around shopping at the giant Hobby World store...he heh.). I'm not a huge shopper...just looking forward to the trip away to relax, sip coffee and stock up on crafty things at the giant crafty store. That's *my* kinda shopping!
I'm curious to see the mood down there after the whole election dramarama. It's going to be odd needing my passport...but I'm sure they'll let me in.
Hope you're all making it through the week OK. :)


azusmom said...

Any chance you'll be in the northern California area? Lot's o' fun stuff to do here!

Geosomin said...

Only as far as Minot this time I'm afraid :)

azusmom said...

Ah, well. Enjoy!!!!!