Geo 1, house 0

Last night I attacked the house for 5 solid hours. The main areas are clean and tidy, and I got a bit of organizing done. I didn't get the dresser primed, but so many other cluttery things that have been driving me mad lately have been brought under control. There's still so much more to do, but I look around the main areas of my house now and I'm not embarrassed. I'm actually rather content. My Dad is coming down to fly out and visit my sister while I'm away and I like knowing that he'll actually get to see the house in it's normal state for once...

It's been raining which has turned to snow, so the roads are quite slippery today. I'm hoping the roads improve a bit and things stay cold for a while, so our drive down to the US tomorrow isn't too stressful. I don't mind winter driving, it's the *other* people I worry about. People get stupid this time of year, and try to drive like it's still summertime and that makes for dangerous driving for the rest of us poor sods stuck on the road with them. I'm content to plug along calmly and safely and get to our destination in one piece. It's all major highways and traffic routes on our trip, so with any luck the roads will be OK. Crossing my fingers and toes...

This morning I came in for spin class. It was the hard, yelly instructor, but she was really happy and spontaneous today. I worked really hard, but I enjoyed it. After lots of smiles and drips of sweat and I'm ready for the day.
Later taters :)


Yum Yucky said…
I once tried to cross my toes. It gave me a charlie-horse in my toe. Not good times. Not good times at all.

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