tuesday already?

Last night's belly dance class was fun -we did a lot of hip circles and figures eights which use your obliques a lot. Abs are a bit stiff from it all, but it's so cool to make your body do cool sexy wiggly things like that :)
After supper we assembled the bedside tables and put them in place...and wow they look nice. So good that I couldn't wait to paint the dresser so we took the dresser apart and took the handles off so I can prime it tonight. The stuff in the dresser is in a few rubbermaid bins and hopefully I can get the dresser painted up relatively quickly and have it back next week some time. I have to sand and prime it tonight and if I'm quick about it I can get the dresser painted up before the weekend to give it a few days to sit and harden up. The handles are OK, just a bit brassy, so I'm just going to spray them a flat black and put them back on. This is so exciting. This is stuff I haven't been able to do for years. It's satisfying to look around and see a real change in the house already...and I'm just getting started. He hee.

This morning I came in for my lower body focused workout, with 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical after. After a buy-in of 10 burpees, the workout was 3 sets of:
-15 box step ups with knee raise
-20 deadlifts with 35 Lb
-20 walking lunges with twists with 12 Lbs
-20 sumo squats with side leg extensions
-12 weighted leg extensions (40 Lb)
-15 weighted kick backs on the hip machine (100Lb)
-15 weighted inner thigh squeeze on the hip machine (100Lb)
-10 weighted outer thigh push on the hip machine (100Lb)

And now, after some granola and a banana I'm off to the lab. This afternoon the coolness ramps up to max factor 11. We just got cleared to move into the new building's offices so I'm gonna go get my gear into my (eep!) new office!! There are windows!!! Eeee!


Tom said...

Your gym results are great :) You are motivate for me. I will do your training tomorrow. We will see, maybe it will be too hard for me. Good luck.

azusmom said...

I bow at your feet.

Yum Yucky said...

That's it! I'm about to Google "Delaware bellydance classes". I wants in.