Shhh. Sleeping lady. zzzzzzzz.......

Costume is as done as it's going to be. When I wear it I'll post some pics. Here's a bit of a sneak of some of the the grommets into the corset...they're not great because I don't have the proper grommet tool, but it will do. There's also a lightsaber cane I made. Oh yes...when I get into this I can't stop half way :)

I am tired tho. Had insomnia last night after a long annoying evening. My husband's costume stuff didn't arrive in time so he has no costume for the Star Wards party we were going to go to tomorrow. He isn't sure if he wants to go, and if he isn't going I don't know if I want to drive 5 hours to where it is just to dress up and go to a party on my own...he feels bad cuz I made this costume for this party, but I don't mind if we don't go -I know me. I know I'll wear it some other time...I'm leaving it up to him. Altho I hope he decides to go, I'm honestly happy to wear it around to another party here around Halloween or some other time... or just around the house :P Making the costume is more fun for me than wearing it...I'm odd that way. I may just set up a photo shoot with it instead and take some cosplay photos instead...we'll see. It was fun.
So needless to say on 1.5 hours of sleep I certainly didn't work out this morning. Taking the day as it goes...


Yum Yucky said…
only 1.5 hours of sleep sounds painful. Sorry about all the costume trouble. Here's to an awesome photoshoot, if anything else.

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