If I stand in one spot, my butt is not sore. Otherwise...I'm doomed. :)
I lost track of time and was up waaaaay too late last night. My costume is almost done. The main thing left is grommets in the corset. The lady sold me eyelets by mistake which aren't strong enough for a corset tie lace up, and I only have half of what I need leftover from a previous project. Soooo, tonight is a late night "I need grommets!!" hunt... and I really hope I can find some. The corset ties the costume together so it's kinda imperative I find some. The mask needs more work, but considering it is a $4 kids mask I took apart with a hacksaw it looks pretty good. Other than that, it's come together nicely. I haven't made the cape (am going for a neck scarf/shawl instead) and I'm using a skirt I already have, so it will be ready for the weekend. Yup...I'll be dead classy :)

I slept in this AM to get 6 hours of sleep, had some pumpkin oatmeal and I'm in for work. I plan on a bodyrock workout when I get home eventually...poor J has yet another late night of work, so once I succeed in my grommet quest I can work out and relax and finish up the costume. I'm hoping I can work some off the azzkinks out as the day goes on, cuz I am mega stiff from the workout yesterday. :)

Must get to the science. Lots to do today.
Later taters.

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Yum Yucky said...

With all this booty soreness and missing costume pieces, I sure do hope you post a pic of the final costume design. I wanna see.