Schemey schemes

This weekend was relaxing and hectic at the same time. My friend is moving back to BC today (flies home today) so Saturday we shipped off the last of is kit and he stayed with us for the weekend once his apartment had been inspected and signed off on. Saturday night some friends were playing at a new club in town and J did lights. It was 80s theme so I got dressed up and had a nice night out.
Sunday was errands and planning for a final farewell meal for my friend. He is a foodie too, so we spent the afternoon finding delicious ingredients from his fave places: cold smoked steak with blue cheese, some prawns and tortellini pasta. J isn't into steak or seafood (silly man) so he got shiskabab skewers and mushrooms instead of prawns. We marinated the meat in saki, and BBQd it to perfection. Even made fresh apple gjetost pastry pockets for dessert, along with some more of that fantastic saki from Granville Island. Delish. Fantastic foodie sendoff.

Also spent sunday on a costume frenzy.  If you don't already know, I love costuming and cosplay and halloween always presents an opportunity to get stuff for the rest of the year (cuz who says you only wear costumes on halloween?). Friends throw a huge annual Star Wars dance party around Halloween, and this year it's Oct 20 and I had a brilliant idea for a costume, which I flushed out getting all the fabric and other things for. It's so fantastic. My plan? Madame Steampunk Vader. Oh yes...modified vader mask, with vader armour corset and tophat. It was initially just a vader helmet coated in sparkles and cape...but this? This is what I need to make. I just love taking a character and modifying it to make it mine. I lurve Darth Vader, and this will be the ultimate. Hee hee I've got loads of grey and black satin to make a corset, bolero jacket and skirt, as well as a cheap vader mask I can dissect and create a gas/mask goggle creation to go with a decorated bowler hat, and I've yet to create a cane (that will look somewhat like a lightsaber). Oh yes. I'm pumped. I only have 3 weeks to make it, but dayum. It's been over 2 years since I've made anything like this, and I want to sew. I want to create. This is the part of me that's been shoved in a dusty closet for 2 years while I did my MSc. It's out and it's taken over :)

This AM, I was diligent. I know I indulged yesterday, so I made sure I came in for my workout. Altho it looked like I was going to have to make my own workout, I was able to sneak into the spin and sculpt class at the last minute, so I did that class and rocked it. Now, it's time to be in to work. We just got handed the keys to our new lab building (HELLZ YEAH!!!) so the next 2 months will be a frenzy of moving offices and labs and getting down to the nuts and bolts of my new job that's been in limbo waiting for the new building to be completed.
Woo yeah I am a scientist :)


Yum Yucky said...

"J isn't into steak or seafood" ...that silly, silly man!

I would looove to have a cosplay outfit.

azusmom said...

Halloween + Cosplay = BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!