busy busy

Not much to report. Last night after a birthday supper out for a friend I haven't seen in ages I came home and just snuggled up and went to sleep early. I felt lame...but I was just so tired I couldn't stay awake, even at 930. I feel good this morning after a decent sleep. I forgot to plan lunch so I have a really weird lunch mix of what I could find in the fridge - some spinach, beets, hard boiled eggs and a bit of fried rice. I'm going to mix it all together and see how it goes...I figure it has veg, protein and carbs. I know...lame. My weekly meal planning needs an azzkicking again :)

This AM I got up at 520 came in and was able to get into the 630 spin and sculpt class. Sweaty spin plus some core focused exercises made for a good workout. And now, after munching on some yogurt and granola and one of my hardboiled eggs (man I love hardboiled eggs) and a giant mug of coffee I feel ready for today. I'm hoping I can walk home with J after work and maybe get out tonight with friends. We'll see. Maybe I'll just have a nap... :P
 It's gonna be a hectic weekend. A friend is moving away on monday so he's staying with us for a day or two and flying out, plus other friends are having a big gathering saturday night and J is working, and I also need to hit the farmer's market and do some chores...and...and...
I feel more busy now than I was before and I know it's not true...how ever did I do it all then?

It's amazing what we can do when we have to :)

I found this pic...it's so very suited to my rant yesterday :)

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Yum Yucky said...

Credible Hulk speaks truth. And now green is suddenly sexy to me.