ow my azz

Last night's belly dance class was fun but it made me stiff in ridiculous places...one of the hammy/glutey places I don't normally use. Between the leg strengthening squats and 2 kinds of 3 point shimmy's (one of which I've never done before and still can't quite get) my legs were actually spasming when I got home after. we made some pizza out of some leftover chili for supper and watched the finale of Doctor Who. Very sad, but if it had ended differently I would have been angry I think...

I came in for a solid workout this morning. I tried to do a bodyrock workout, but forgot my interval timer, and the one I downloaded from gymboss on my phone only works when you are viewing it so I couldn't look at the workout steps on my phone and have the timer count (to me this is a fail). Being my brilliant self I only learned this after doing the first interval (elevated push ups) for a ridiculous amount of time to until I realized that something wasn't working and it had been WAY over the interval length....so I started over and changed it up to do ZWOW 28 4 times through, using  a 12Lb weight to touch down by my lunging leg for the dragon kicks. Then I did 1 minutes intervals (I was determined to use that timer!) of: v-sits, side plank left, front plank, side plank right, side to side rows with a weight, Pilate's leg raises, hands and knees kick backs (no clue what they're called), doggy hydrants leg raises with a leg extension, bent rows (25Lb) and dead lifts (25Lb). I had sweat dripping off my nose by the end. I am pleased...:)

Now for some granola and a banana and it's off to the (squeee!!) new labs!

Later taters :)


Yum Yucky said...

Wait, what? Yu're spasm-ing in ridiculous places? What the hell that is belly dancing doing to you!!!!???

Geosomin said...

It's a really odd feeling having ass cramps let me tell you :) I just don't have the muscle strength built up for some of the shimmies yet. And it was shimmy drills. he heh...it will take a while to get the specific muscles back. :)

azusmom said...

Amy & Rory! :(
I'll miss them.

And I SO have to try belly dancing!!!!