Day 3 - holy sculpt class batman

I was up late crafting. It was glorious. I now have a lightsaber cane (as long as the clay dries!!), and a antiquey older version of a vader chest panel (jewels wire and ribbon), along with a hat that is decorated with the same ribbon and cording as my corset. Bwaha. I love LOVE *L*O*V*E* doing this kind of  stuff. I only have 2 more evenings to finish this...he heh. We shall see. It's cool staying up late making things for fun for once :)
Despite being up late I convinced myself to get up and out of bed to come in and workout. I was tired, but I thought that any workout would be good...and once I get there I'm usually good and have a great time. And I was...did...yes. There was one space left in the sculpt class and it's the instructor I love, so I joined. She is hard core and it was a tough hour workout...the most evil of which was walking lunges with and without weights back and forth across the studio...I counted, and it was 144 lunges steps with weights and 72 without. She broke them into 4 parts throughout the class but man...I have a feeling my butt will be complaining tomorrow. But I came in and worked hard. I feel good. Tired but good. Certainly worked harder than I would have if I'd slept in!

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Yum Yucky said...

Too bad we don't have to Star Trek Transporters. I'd totally join you for a workout. But why you gotta drag Batman into the situation? ((eyeroll))