Day 2 of the rest of my life

Not too bad. Yup. Not too bad.
Yesterday I really ate clean and avoided pizza for supper. Score for me. No late night snacks. No pop or booze. Day 1 complete. They say it takes 3 weeks to build a habit...I'm trying to get it back.
This morning was day 2 of Operation Uberfrau (Part Deu). I came in to do a good solid workout: the Bodyrock TV "12 min workout" (which isn't 12 minutes, but whatever) with bonus ab workout. I worked hard and didn't quit even tho I sure wanted to during those evil switch lunges. Then I hopped on an interval program on the StairMaster for 18 minutes and declared that I was done.
The workout is 30 sec on/10 sec rest (twice through) of:
-elevated pushups
-5 high knees + half burpee
-jumping jacks
-bicycle crunches
-high knee jog
-back lunge + forward kick and toe touch L side
-back lunge + forward kick and toe touch R side
-box jumps (supposed to be tuck jumps but they are bad for my knee)
-jumpjacks with squat/floor touch when legs together
-switch lunges (oh how I hate these)
-exploding pushups or tricep dips (I did tricep dips)

Ab Bonus: 25 V-sits, 25 bodyrock double situps with medicine ball, 25 side to side rows with medicine ball, 25 planked mountain climb crunches with 3 forward "James Bond" style side twist lunges each side in between each exercise.

Now for a good breakfast and lunch and hopefully a good rest of the day. :)

I raided Michael's craft store last night and think I have what I need to finish what I can on my costume before the weekend. That store is evil...I could have spent a fortune in it is I escaped without too much damage and now have I have lightsaber cane components, some decor whatsits for my hat and ribbon to finish my corset, as well as some cool bits to make my chest panel. Still unsure as to how the cape is going to go (long or short), but at least I have a longer black skirt to wear (from another costume) so I am OK if I don't have time to make the skirt with bustle I'd like for this weekend...but there will be time before halloween :)

Gotta go...lab calls. Have a great day!!

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Yum Yucky said...

A solid workout, indeed! Enjoy your lab-ification for the day.