slow and steady

My Dad was here visiting this weekend. I felt rather dull not having a lot to entertain him with, but it was good to see him nonetheless. Had some family visits on both sides, got some chores done and actually relaxed to the point of boredom...I need to get my craft room organized so I can funnel all this extra energy somewhere creative and fun next time.
Got up and organized this morning to see Dadoff on the plane. With any luck I'm back to morning workouts as of tomorrow. I am a bit relieved that when I convinced myself to step on the scale for my monthly weigh in today that after the dust has settled post thesis I still weigh 129, only 4Lb over my uberbest... At any rate, it gives my hope that I can, indeed keep it together and a slight bit of jiggle does not make a catastrophic set back in fitness. Yes I need more muscle back but I am not dramatically doomed as I had somehow convinced myself I was...

Slow and steady wins the race :)

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