much better

Ah, there we go. :)
Walked home from work yesterday with J to a relaxing evening. Nice supper, a bit of my homemade beer and then finally watched the new Muppet Movie last night. So good :)

Woke up this morning and came in for spin class. It was a good solid class, and even with yelly Mel the instructor I had a good solid workout. All the students are back now so the gym is crowded and it's harder to get in to classes in the morning, so I'll have to make a point of being more on time.
It's harvest time so my asthma/allergies are going whackadoo but I'm hoping that regular exercise will help keep things together. We shall see. I haven't been good and properly sick in a while and I honestly expected to come down with something after I defended, so maybe I'm due. Who knows.

I just feel so much better after a workout. Less anxious, and ready for a good day at work. I forgot my lunch at home but I picked up a yummy looking cob salad on the way in with an egg and blue cheese, olives and bacon in it with avacado dressing. I'm drooling over it already :)

Hope you all have a most splendiferous day :)

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J Graham said...

Splendiferous day indeed over in these parts! And glad to hear the whackadoo allergies and asthma aren't getting you down.