Fight the funk

Well, last night I funked myself through some errands and watched a horridly cheesy movie and tried not to snack the night away. Did OK. Not great, but OK. It's funny I feel like I deserve to sloth and relax after working so hard....but I have issues just not doing anything anymore...turns out, just sitting is BORING. I need to develop hobbies again. To do that, I first need to organize life a bit and do some housework. My house needs love so I have space and time to do more fun things. My plan is to make a chore bowl on the weekend - to put all the major chores I have to catch up on in a bowl and just pull them out one by one and do them. It's overwhelming if I look at it all at once, but I think one thing at a time is reasonable and less crazy making.
I did manage to get my gear together despite my brain's protests and this AM came in at stupid oclock for spin and sculpt....and, Wow. She kicked my ass. I could tell I'd been away for a week or so -I couldn't do all of the moves, but I tried. And now I'm in a set of my spiffy new work duds and feeling rather styly and professional, trying to figure out what to start out my day with. It's dark in the mornings again, and there's a fall chill in the air but it felt good to get up again and work out. I missed it. Heh -Here's hoping I'm not falling  asleep by 8 PM :)
Later taters...

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azusmom said...

A chore bowl! Perfect! may have to steal that idea.
Glad things are settling into place!