like a well oiled (squeaky!) machine

Last night's bellydance class was a blast. We went over shimmy's and hip lifts again, with a lot of new and different strengthening and stretching exercises. Then we learned figure 8s...I love them. They just feel all strong and sexy. One of those moves that comes naturally to me. By the time I got home after class and we had supper it was pretty much time to call it a day. I ended up whipping up spaghetti since we were starving and it was about 8. I need to do some preemptive meal plannings for mondays. I think I'll be whipping out the slow cooker for mondays so we still get healthy food and I'm not in a famished rushed panic to make food for us...
This morning? Oh my abs. The thing about belly dancing is you use muscles you don't normally use. my obliques are so sore I came in to work out! Hee hee.

I did ZWOW 35, with altered pistol squats because of my knee -I went down onto a low bench and back up. Still challenging, but no knee crunching. Sweaty. Fun. It was really hard to hold the 10Lb weights over my head while squatting...I think I had my tongue out and my eyes crossed concentrating the whole time I did those :)
Then, inspired by madam Josie's (of the realm of Yum Yucky) early morning Facebook post I did an extra 3 sets of 5 tricep dips and 25 deadlifts into shoulder presses.
Then I hopped on the elliptical for 15 minutes to work out the kinks and sweat a bit.
THEN, I did the BodyrockTV Play Hard abs bonus from their 12 Minute Magic workout (I've been wanting to try it for a while) with a 12 Lb medicine ball: 25 V-situps, 25 bodyrock V-rock double situps, 25 side to side rows and 25 plank mountain climbers knee in to opposite elbow, with 3 forward lunges on each side with a twists after each exercise. Whew.
I feel fabulous!
Now I must run. Science calls :)
Later taters.

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