Evil robot on the floor

You know, I should learn to never step on the scale when I feel good.

I can tell I have gained a bit of muscle and am feeling more toned, but according to the scale I weigh 133, which is 5Lb up from a few weeks ago. I am assuming some of it is due to the burmese food I had at a farewell dinner for a friend last night, but am hoping the rest is solid asskicking muscle. Despite this, I am bummed and suddenly feel round and plump. All from a stupid number on a little machine. Grr. I hate how a little number can just ruin your day like that. It's why I don't weigh myself very often anymore and try and go by my clothes. Thing is - my clothes were feeling a bit better, which is why I checked things out. Strange.

This AM I came in to sculpt class at the gym. It was a solid workout. I finally got a locker at the gym today, so I was able to leave some stuff there and am hoping by the end of the week (with a few purchases of some duplicate stuff I can leave at home) I will no longer have to haul half my house with me in the mornings...just my clothes and lunch...and laptop. Which when I write it out is still a bit of stuff, but about half of the ridiculous baggage I haul now. I feel like i need to buckle down for a while. I'm looking forward to a few weeks of more concentrated fitness and controlled eating and a bit of relaxing. I have permission to take a few days off after thanksgiving to go visit my Dad so I'm quite looking forward to it. I'll bring my interval timer, mat, a few dumbells and my runners with me and have come great outdoor foresty workouts up there. Maybe get in a few runs in the woods. Can't wait :)

Today? Well, it's a good thing I feel plump (har har), since there is a photographer coming to take images of our new building and I have to "dress" a lab for pictures and probably be in them too. Yeesh. Ah well, should be fun, and not a bit like regular work, which is great!!
Must go build a fake lab :)
Later taters...


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Miz said...

I know you know.
I know I know.
it's all about the clothes fit.