Lazy 2.0

Last night I was bad...I didn't work on my paper. J worked all last night, so instead of working, after a healthy supper, I caught the bus to the mall and got a few groceries and then wandered around shopping and got a few small things for myself. Don't have much spare $$ after fixing the car, so I mostly just wandered. It was nice. I felt wasteful of my time though. It's odd. Add in a late bedtime meant tired me this morning though.
I came in for spin and sculpt. It was 40 min spin and then core work. A nice solid workout.
I have much to do today and I'm hoping to sneak in a nap after work. I (well OK J) pick up my thesis from the boundary today. Hee hee. Other than that, J works all saturday so I'll do some work then on my paper. I may get to present my data at a conference in the spring if it's accepted. I hope it is.
I'm babbling already -better get some caffeine in me :)
Later taters! Have a great weekend!

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Yum Yucky said...

sometimes it's good to just wander around and then babble about it. No judgement over here. ;)