Alive and kicking

Spin class this morning was evil. EVIL. But I did it. I pushed through it and had a really good workout. I am stiff from yesterday, but not as horrendously as I'd feared. Our instructor had a lot of angst to work out this morning... and so we really got a workout!

Last night I had time to make a proper supper and roasted up some maple balsamic brussel sprouts with pecans and red onion to go with good. I don't make them often because they take an hour but they are hands down the best way to make them. I love having more time to make many possibilities. A lazy evening and early bedtime made this morning a bit easier. I made up some wicked pumpkin date bran muffins for snacks and had pumpkin chia overnight oats for breakfast today. Oh yes. It's on. :)

I was disgusted to learn this morning that my spin instructor's dog was pepper maced by a utility worker that had gone into her yard on monday to do some work. Can you believe it? People were home when this happened too and they heard nothing - the workers didn't even try to call someone to get into the yard - just sprayed the dog and then did their thing. Her big old dog is 11 years old and not mean tempered and she just thought that perhaps he was having breathing issues for a day or two due to his age. But then the company called her TWO DAYS LATER to tell her what had happened. Too late for treatment....and what is really sad is that on tuesday her dog died from it. She spent yesterday home with her 11 year old son who was devastated by the loss of his dog...and she had tears in her eyes when she was telling me about it.
This just makes me angry. This didn't need to happen. She is trying to find out who did it, and is having difficulty getting this information from the company, but she is the yelley tough instructor, and I've no doubt she will keep at it until she can find out who it is and make sure they are disciplined. She is even considering small claims court, just to try and drive home the point of how wrong this was. Not only is bear spray considered a weapon where I live, it's illegal to carry for use unless you are hiking and are in bear country. Using it on private property on a client's dog is so very illegal. I don't see why they couldn't just call and ask that any dog be leashed or contained when they come in the yard. I hope she makes sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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Yum Yucky said...

oh my gosh. I hope your instructor pursues legal action against those beasts. that is just terrible. :(