tired day

Oy. This morning was spin and sculpt and I'm not gonna lie. It was a tough class and after yesterday it was a killer. I finished and tried hard but man...I'm *tired* now. It was a hard workout.
Last night I really should have done more review but after making supper, making some gaspacho soup for lunches and doing a few chores, I really had no spirit to do anything other than read up on a few things and go to sleep. I have to do a bunch of official things to do today and I'm hoping tonight I can snag a nap and get some review done. I *still* have no official defense date and it's freaking me out that it won't be as scheduled. Thankfully my supervisor is back from his holidays today and he'll look into it. I admit I'm jealous of his 3 weeks away. I'm just getting and wanting one long weekend with J on the september long weekend. It's his birthday and we want to get away somewhere for a romantic weekend and (I hope) celebrate being done school. I refuse to think about possibly rescheduling that due to some administrative cock-up with my defense...for now I'm trying to go ahead as tho the 27th is for real and make myself work at it. I admit, I'm tired and I'm starting to give up, but I'm trying to keep focus for just a little longer. I just can't really focus without a deadline, you know? And I'm really just burnt out. I want to be done.

I think I am going to infuse my blood with some caffeine and see how much I can get done today. They're doing repairs under the floor of my office today (again) and the floor is vibrating. It sounds like there is a small drill grinding away and likely will be doing so all day. Oh joy...

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azusmom said...

Oy is right!
I'm so sorry you're going through all this. Sometimes it seems that light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train, but it is, in fact, the light you've been looking for.
Keep pluggin'!