My feet hurt from kicking ass

Holy cow. Boot camp madness. I was needing a stress release because I *STILL* don't have a confirmed thesis defense date... We had a sub in today and it was insane. INSANE. But yet I loved it. She pushed us but made it doable. Made us laugh as we worked hard. Here's the whole workout we did today in an hour:

-5 minute warmup
-3 minutes cardio: Boxer hops with jabs, 1 min each side, alternating with 30 sec jumping jacks
10 sec rest
-3 minutes cardio: repeat knees (30 sec), and high knee arm/ab crunch combos both sides
10 sec rest

CIRCUIT 1: (1 min on/10 sec rest)
-planks with feet on ball, with alternate toe touches to the ground
-jump switch lunges
-squat spin jumps using the half-ball-flat-on-the other side stabilizer thingy (can't remember the name)
-back/tricep extensions using a resistance band
-squat and shoulder press (with weights)

-3 minutes cardio: side step squat plus side step baskeball jump, alternating
15 sec rest

-4 minutes on the bike: high intensity, high tension aggressive climb out of the seat

CIRCUIT 2: (1 min on/15 sec rest)
-toe touches with exercise ball passing back and forth from between hands and feet
-back lunge with jump up knee raise (30 sec each leg)
-burpees using the half ball stabilizer thingy (can't remember what it's called)
-tricep extensions using a resistance band
-side lunges (both sides) with bicep curls

-3 minutes cardio:  sides step side lunge alternating
-4 minutes on the bike: 8 X 20 second tabata sprint intervals  (low tension)

-ab work: 1 minute crunches, 2 X 30 sec front planks, 4X30 sec front planks with alternate arm and leg extended, side plank with 14 hip raises and then one leg and arm raised in the air 15 sec (both sides)
-Stretching/cool down

It was a killer but I feel fanfreakentastic!!! She somehow made this fun. Seriously! I was dripping sweat by the ab work at the end. She's subbed in for spin classes and they were OK but this? This was sweaty awesome push yourself greatness. I love this kind of thing where it's just 30 seconds or a minute of something. I can push myself when I know it's only 1 minute. I earned my protein shake today let me tell you :)

Add to that some ripe peaches and homemade yogurt for breaky and boom! Today rocks and it's only started. Have a great day everyone. I will! :)

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