Thursday thursday...sometimes it just turns out that waaaay

Last night I was good. Studied and revised my talk. J went through it with me and offered a lot of helpful changes and suggestions and it's much better. Now have to start practising it a bit for time and see if I have to cut more. I ended up crashing to sleep instead of going to Wax Mannequin. Sad, but I figured at this point, sleep was more important. Hopefully he'll come to town again next year and I can enjoy it...I was looking forward to it, but I don't want to be lazy now at the end of it all. Besides, I get a day or 2 at the lake with friends on the weekend so that is really more important for me. I'll work hard for just a few weeks longer.

This morning I came in for spin and sculpt class which was tough, but a good workout. I was surprised to see my old favourite spin and sculpt class teacher back as a student - she got into med school so she's back on campus again. She may sub a bit for classes too...that would be cool.
And now? Sorry to cut this short, but I have much work to do.
Later taters!


azusmom said...

Sleep is a GOOD thing. Especially with a schedule like yours! :)

Yum Yucky said...

"taters"? as in, tater tots? Gawd, I love those potatoe-y things. I shall eat some taters soon and transfer the resulting calories to you. Calorie transfer is possible, after all. Now go get some more sleep.