crazy days are here again :)

Last night was fun. My graduate supervisor had everyone over for a celebratory dinner - 2 of us defend our thesis this month and 2 of his summer students are leaving for med school, so it'll be a different lab come fall. Awesome BBQ kabobs, poached salmon, corn on the cob and yummy wine and cider (having a supervisor who specializes in brewing microbiology means there are always good beverages at his gatherings!). Dessert was fruit and ice cream. Nice evening. Despite my PMS I didn't eat my face off...I got home full and exhausted.

This morning I crawled from bed and came in for a killer boot camp class. Hard solid sweaty goodness.
After some cottage cheese and raspberries for breakfast I am on the scene here at work to get things done. I have lots to do today and another important work meeting followed by another night of revision, but I have heard  a favourite musician Wax Mannequin is in town playing at a local pub. If I'm good, I hope I can sneak in to hear him play and sneak out again. We'll see how the evening's to another crazy day!

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Yum Yucky said...

Your crawling out of bed reminds me of a story from this morning: I came in from my morning run and found the husband still in bed (what else is new?), it seemed like something was wrong. So I ask him, "what's wrong? And he says to me, "I'm trying to recover from waking up." WTH? ((blank stare))