1000 Rep challenge

This morning I had something to prove. To myself. I've been coming to morning workouts regularly and my muscle tone is changing...but I still weigh the same. It frustrates me. I wanted to see just what I could do if I pushed myself. So, I banged out the Bodyrock 1000 Rep Workout. With the bonus abwork. It may have taken me almost 47 minutes to do it, but I kept going. I took water breaks and pushed myself and I did it. All of it. I'm so proud of myself. The workout is this:

-50 burpees (with pushup)
-50 high knees with pull down arms (each side together = 1)
-50 weight pickup, squat, weight drop & burpee + tuck jump - using 20 Lb dumbbell
-50 scissor lunges
-50 elevate plank knee tucks - knee in to cross to to other elbow (alternate L&R, both sides = 1)
-50 floor touch jumping jacks
-50 overhead back lunge & forward kick - L leg, holding up 10Lb dumbbell above head
-50 tuck jumps
-50 overhead back lunge & forward kick - R leg, holding up 10Lb dumbbell above head
-50 criss cross reach trough ab crunches (L&R side = 1)
-500 high knee skips

I split the whole workout in half and did it twice through, making 25 reps of everything and 250 skips twice. The only alteration I did is not high knee skips as they brutalize my knee. Other than that, it was all me. The abwork was 10 second plank + 50 seconds side plank with one arm reach up and down through + the same on the other side + 10 sec plank + 50 seconds plank with alternate arm and leg reaching out and back in. I made sure I stretched out and had a good breaky (cottage cheese and raspberries) and you know... I feel amazing! And proud. I did it...all of it.


evilcyber said...

Wouldn't it be more worthwhile if you worked with resistances below the endurance threshold and lowered the body fat percentage a bit? That way you'd increase in muscle mass and make it more visible.

This challenge seems more like an inadequate substitute for true cardio.

Geosomin said...

True - but it was the challenge I wanted today.

I'm trying to lower the fat% back a bit and show off these guns I'm building...today I just needed to show myself what I could do. Sometimes straight cardio just isn't enough to engage my brain :)
I need to get back to the HIIT cardio to lean up a bit.