My face hurts from smiling

Great 2 days away. Relaxed and waterskiid and floated int he lake and had a BBQ and sipped nice scotch. We visited with some great friends of ours who invited us up to their parent's cabin and it was great. His family is great too...really nice and they made us feel so welcome. It was a lot like hanging with my family at the lake in the old days...back when we were all together. I can't tell you how great that was. J and I have been working so hard this summer that it was nice to just relax a bit. I realized on the way home my face is actually sore from smiling. Which made me smile some more :)
Now - 1 week until the whole shebang is over. I slept in this morning and it was very nice. After all the sun and waterskiing I am a bit stiff, but relaxed. Back to the workouts tomorrow. I just learned my speech is only to be 15 minutes so I need to prune it down tonight. And review. One more week :)

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azusmom said...

Suddenly I'm hearing "Les Miz," but with slightly different lyrics: "One week more, another week another destiny..."
So glad you had a nice vaycay, you deserved/needed it!