Well I came in to work out this morning but it was a bit of a let down. The regular instructor was sick and we had a sub for boot class...and what we got was a weak workout -  definitely not boot camp. It was kind of like a lame sculpt class with minimal cardio. The class was nearly empty and the few that came warned me that I might want to do my own workout. I figured, hey how lame could it be? Well, apparently, rather so...we just did 12 counts of a zillion things, which she counted out too fast and in the end, yes, we did get an overall workout it just...well...she needs to teach more classes. She had no energy and really didn't get our heart rates up. There was no set rhythm and sometimes with wierd combos that you just got the hang of and then the 12 count was over and you went on to something else. I'm hoping she's not a new regular because it was not the sweaty boot camp I was ready for...I crawled out of bed for a solid workout. I feel kinda gypped. One girl actually left class half way through to go hop on the elliptical. I figure i just know that now, for her, I know what to expect, so I'll do my own thing if she teaches a "boot camp" again. At least I got in a workout.

On more a annoying newsfront - we have gremlins in our home. J can't find his work card pass and I hope it turns up, as it's $100 to replace it. Spent hours looking for it yesterday...but it might be gone. Got very frustrated with the state of our home while searching. Here's hoping it just turns up. He feels terrible about it. I figure he's been there over 5 years, and I lose all kinds of things so I'm not one to talk. He's more mad about it really. We could definitely use the $$ so I hope it turns up, but it is what it is. We have to have the house appraised for our new mortgage and I'm quite embarrassed to have the inspector in our home...I'm just trying not to think about it...years of clutter. I can't wait for september to be here. My first project is to attack the house and purge. One room a week until I'm done, starting mid september. Ruthless. Buying storage and shelving as I go as needed. Our house needs it. As much as J complains about the state of the house he's not one for making it tidy either and his tonnes of gear and lighting certainly don't help the basement look even remotely normal. My dad is coming on sunday night to be here for my speech...I've warned him I'm embarrassed about the state of the house. Hopefully he will understand. Even the spare room is cluttered and full of wine making gear. It's just nuts. After I defend and my thesis is in with revisions I definitely have a LOT of work to do. I'm itching to get to it.
But for's just trying to get all of my thesis in my head. Its scary.
5 days left.


Yum Yucky said...

I can relate to the clutter you're dealing with. Me too. sheesh!

We also have some type of gremlin in our home. I woke up this morning to find the weighted plates from my barbell set were out sitting on the table. Huh? How'd they get there? The gremlins must have done it. Either that, or the husband is doing secret workouts at 2am while I'm sleeping. Could be.

Geosomin said...

sleepercize :)

Timmy said...

You got to have the attitude like success or die trying. You have to remind yourself why your doing what your doing.