I think I've found my new calling - property inspector. Come over to a house and measure a few things, take some notes and photos and then go "Hmmm" and smile occasionally and chahching! Easy $250. It serves a purpose I know, but I kinda expected more on our house inspection this morning for our mortgage renewal. Not a puppet show or anything, just a bit more. They were kind folk and did not comment on the state of our house and our front danger deck which is currently half assembled.

This morning before that, since I couldn't get to the gym I hopped on the elliptical and sweated out 35 minutes to some psytrance and had a shower and breakfast. Now it's back to work for another day.

Only 3 days until I defend.
Oh lordy.


Charlotte said...

Haha - I had the SAME thought about our housing inspector. Plus he missed a TON of things he should have caught. I've been cursing his name (if I could actually remember his name) ever since... Good luck with your defense!!!

Yum Yucky said...

danger deck? Sounds like an amusement park attraction.

(good luck today defending)