Mt. Thesis

Slept in again today. Knee almost better. I am hopeful. I do feel guilty not working out, but really I am finding that in this crunch time of hard work, I am needing the sleep. I am quite sane, all things considered. And the crunch is yet to come. I hope to go up to the lake on the long weekend in July, and hope to be done the thesis for my committee before then, as I have the second weekend in July booked off for my only festival of the summer with J. So I am trying to not wig out at the enormity of the reality of the deadlines and just keep working.
Poor J seems very sad and resigned lately about me working hard. I think he felt me handing in my thesis draft meant I was done. He has no idea the nitpick details that remain and it drives me crazy when he asks me "when will you be done?" because I don't exactly know. I just hope. Unfortunately it's revise revise revise, and altho I'm on the final section revisions, there are still a lot of nitpicky things...and I have this month to finish. And my other supervisor is still looking at my sections too. *sigh* It's just takes time.

Also,  I just learned my proposed external examiner was in a car accident, so that really doesn't help. I am selfishly hoping she will feel up to being the reviewer and be able to let me defend by the end of August, but really...still don't know. Dont' know if she can and the university is rather backward about not setting an official defense date even with an examiner is arranged until my thesis is in and past my committee. needs to get to them so it can go out to her. I know if it gets past my two supervisors then it will be good... I picked experts to be on my committee, so I know they'll have comments. And they'll be valid ones. I want this to be good.
SO many little nitpicky's so NOT my thing. The whole "this word would work better that that one" and "you used the wrong antecedent here" business is giving me brain hives! But...I continue. I work hard. This is my first real attempt at technical writing, and I am grateful for all the help and revision. I just wish it could be done. It's tough to edit your own stuff. I do not have the skills...

Patience grasshopper.

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