family hangover

Had a great weekend of family visiting. Got to see my cute little grand nephew (who is the happiest kid ever) and visit with my sister and dad. My husband was a saint and helped with everything and let me just relax and be with my family. Now, the house is strangely quiet and after a sunday of thesis work, if it weren't for the forgotten baby pants in the spare room and tonne of photos on my camera I might doubt they were ever here. I have some wine leftover. Giggedy.

I think I am developing some kind of food sensitivity tho. For satuday I brought two salads to the BBQ at my brothers: strawberry almond feta tossed salad and a quinoa salad with veg and beans and a lime vinaigrette. That evening and last night after having the salads for supper my stomach was in knots and I felt pained and bloated...I have never reacted that way before to either salads and J was fine so I'm not sure what was up. It is similar to digestive issues I used to have before I started eating clean. It was bad enough that instead of being my lunch today they are both in the garbage. Bleh. I seem to be the only one effected so I'll have to see how I feel next time I have quinoa. I like Quinoa, so I hope it's not that...but we shall see. All I know is I had Red River cereal and fruit for breakfast and have no desire to eat anything remotely unhealthy for a while...

My knee (grrr) is still not entirely back to normal, so I'm growing impatient. Given how awful I felt last night I slept in and woke up before my alarm this AM. I didn't workout since my knee still isn't top form, but tomorrow I'm going in no matter what...I refuse to get completely out of shape waiting for my knee to recover. There has to be lots of things I can do to work around it. Once it stop hurting I can do the physio exercises that will help it...just must be patient.
I'm not good at patient.

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azusmom said...

Ugh! That stinks!
Perhaps it was the particular combination of foods in the salad? I often get bloated and crampy when I eat fruit with other food. You might try either eating fruit 20 minutes before or 3 hours after you eat other stuff.
You could also try not mixing grains with animal products. I've tried all this and it's helped quite a bit.
Hope all is better soon!