Microsoft can bite my arse

Yeah. Knee still twingy. Slept in after being up until 1. Not all gloomy though - I had some compan towards the end, since J had some of his music show volunteer crew over and out on the deck after his weekly shoot - it was nice to have people about as I edited. They're all great people...hearing laughter in the house always makes me smile. They were still enjoying themselves when I went to bed.

Spent the day fighting with Microsoft Word. Literally. There was yelling. Yes, Formatting, she is a bitch. And it is a she - no man could be this complicated! Particularly ranty with the new Word 2011...where everything is arbitrarily moved, it would seem. And, to do things I must first find them!! BUT, I am getting there. Sections 3 of 4 revised. Waiting for feedback on the last section and putting together all the supplemental appendices and such. It is coming. Lordy it's slow, but it's coming...

Soon my minions. Soon...


azusmom said…
WHY are programmers, or whomever, ALWAYS changing crap? Just when you learn how to use a program, they change it. Usually making it harder to use.
Good luck with the rest! You're almost there!!!!!

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