longest appendix ever

My knee is quasi OK, but I am nervous I will hurt it. And yet...well...I feel bleh. I need something. Think I'll see if J wants to go for a long walk tomorrow after work.
I'm am up at stupid o'clock again, just having finished my appendices on my thesis (seriously the most boring thing ever. You have to list every little thing you used - all the machines and chemicals and where it came from and how you made it into a solution and what computer programs you used. Gah. So tedious....)
I am experiencing my body morphing...my weight is the same, but I can feel my muscles shrinking as I sit here! Listen! Can't you hear them? :)
 Oh I know I'm being melodramatic, but I was getting hyped about summer and looking at last summer's photos...and damn I was doing well then. I have a month until I head to a festival where I will have my only shot at bathing suits for the year, so I want to make sure I'm not throwing away the muscles I worked so hard for all winter. I've been working hard to make muscle tone...I'm definitely getting back to it. I have plans baby. Plans. bikini plans...it's ON. Besides...I don't want to lose my ability to do pushups like I could before...they make me feel all amazon :)

I signed up for a 5K fun run ages ago for this sunday AM so there is that, and I hope to do a ZWOW on saturday. That... and stop snacking. When I work on the computer lately, it is SO hard no not nibble away. I tried buying healthy snacks instead, but grapes are only healthy when you don't eat the whole bag at one sitting. :) I made some rhubarb muffins...and I am staring at them. I could seriously demolish another before I go to bed...I think that's what I like about working out - it gives me leeway to have a muffin or the odd thing and not be so attentive to what I eat. It's a lot closer when there's no metabolism burn start up in the morning...

Ah well. Nothing else for it -I'm on it. I want to be back where I was before I left for holidays before I go on more holidays. He heh.
I'm not going to go nutso. If I do, I'll just hurt myself again. Right now - my thesis is THE priority of life, so this week - sleep won out. But, next week, I'll be at the point (knock on wood) where I can really get back to it as I'm actually at the reading things over stage now, until I get my reviews back from my supervisors. And it's the weekend. I can actually sleep in a bit this one - no insane list of chores or family visits this time. Just some housework and mowing the lawn...DEFINITELY doable.

For now, I need to get my tired butt to bed. TIme to get up in 6 hours and get to work :)

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