Did the 5K fun run in the pouring rain. Not as much fun as it could have been. Only had to walk about 100m of it, which was good. Discovered my running shoes give me blisters when wet, which was bad. Ow. Had to take a looooong hot shower after to warm up. Turns out, it all made me grumpy.
Came home and grumped at J and altho we eventually went out for breaky, didn't really deserve it with me being grumpface. Not at all the nice morning I had hoped for. Know how sometimes you get grumpy and just say the wrong thing to people who are just trying to be nice and it sort of grumps along? Yeah. That was me - classic foot in mouth.
Trying to salvage the rest of the day by doing some thesis work and making some bread. Hoping to be kinder the rest of the day...feel less meh. Don't want to grump anymore. Roped into supper at my brother's to save my Dad from an entire weekend there trapped with my sister in law. I admit -don't really want to go, but perhaps my grumpface would be best somewhere else for a while...J is staying out of my way so I don't grump anymore. He was supposed to work today but the rain postponed it so he has an out on the supper. Not a totally crummy day...just really meh.
It's rained since friday afternoon and hasn't stopped. It's leaking into our moods...

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