Not too bad. 34:45 for my 5K run yesterday. My feet are still sore on the large blister on the arch of each foot, but I'll live. I've just got fluffy socks on today. I'm not too stiff either, surprisingly. Seeing as I did nada last week for fitness, I survived rather unscathed. In a better mood today. The rain has stopped.

This morning I was determined to workout, but not overdo it and hurt myself again. My knee is back to normal and had no issues with my run. Sooo, to warm up I did 50 sumo squats with elbow to knee lifts, 20 pushups with a 10 second plank and 2 sets of 50 leg lifts with hip extensions on each side. Then I hammered out the where have you been bodyrocktv workout. Solid workout. I had to modify a lot of the pushups to knee ones for the last part and I sure was wobbly on the one legged stuff with the monkey pushups, but I pushed myself. It felt good to sweat...there was sweat dripping off my nose when I was done, so I know I worked hard! Protein oatmeal for breaky and I'm in for work.

We shall see what today has in store for me :)


Yum Yucky said...

hold it. Wait a minute. The knee is back to normal??? YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!

Geosomin said...

Indeed. It's been a long time coming!

Zaini sultan khan said...

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