Last night was better, I must admit. Had a long talk with my supervisor on the phone. Hashed out some things. Worked out a new schedule (again...) for getting revisions. J met me at work and we walked home in the sunshine, had a BBQ and then and got some things done around the house. Even did a bit of thesis work. Made it bed by a human hour. Decent end to a day really.
This morning I crawled form bed determined to fit in a workout. I went to the living room and hammered out the Bodyrocktv Hot girls sweat workout plus an extra set of planks, side planks, bent rows and squat and presses. It's a favourite workout of mine. I wanted to do it 3X through but didn't have the time, so i did it 2x through...

30 sec work/10sec rest :

-pushup with side twist
-sandbag swing (used 10Lb dumbell)
-switch lunges
-bentover row
-side lunge Left with weight
-side lunge right with weight
-pushup with shoulder touch
-lunge and twist with weight (alternating legs)
-squat + shoulder press
-elevated pushups
-mountain climbers
-bent rows (or reverse pullups if you have a bar. I don't)
-side plank left
-side plank right
-tricep dip
-goblet squat with weight

Feeling better.
It's a mini-class reunion tonight...some old high school friends are all passing through town so we're meeting up for supper town at a great thai restaurant to hang out and catch up. Should be fun :)

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