Glow. Glow divine.

Went for a long walk this weekend with J at dusk. Saw fireflies! A rare treat. It was like nature knew we needed a break together...we saw and heard bats, a zillion types of birds (one I've never heard before sounded like some kind of scifi laser), fireflies, bats and even a lumbering porcupine! (and mosquitos...he heh). Spent all saturday with J. It was amazing.
Sunday started with some quiche and then an email from my supervisor which started a 14 hour stint of thesis draft revision. Went through her entire 76 pages of revisions and finished at 4 AM, but I got it back for her to work on again today. Score! Time is of the essence right now. My other supervisor is trapped in BC due to flooding and road closures. I'm doing all I can on my end to keep up, and am prepared to just take what life offers me timelinewise. I know if I've done all I can I can rest in the knowledge that I have done so and what will be will be. I still hold out hope I'll be done and defend on time, but the stress of it all isn't worth it. It was driving me mad trying to control the uncontrollable and I can't make people go faster even if I want to push them in the rump to get going. They have a life full of life to deal with too...

This morning I did want to workout, but I figured 3 hours of sleep was more important than that. I may nap and workout tonight when I get home. We'll see. I slept in both days on the weekend so I am not feeling too worse for wear. At least not yet. I made the most amazing healthy supper on sunday and I ahve more for lunch today - curried quinoa with snow peas and nectarines, pea sprouts and red onions tossed with a dressing made of spicy mango chutney, rice vinegar, some more masala and a bit of olive oil. I added a bit of chicken breast we had already cooked up. Man -so fresh and incredible...I tell ya, the subscription I got to Vegetarian Times has given me some of the best recipes I've ever had.

Hummed this song as I walked at dusk on saturday and the fireflies buzzed one by one around us in the grass...gloooow, gloooow diviiiiiine.

Much dash. Hope you all had a good weekend and have a great day! :)

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Yum Yucky said...

rest up, lady, and rejuvenate. That's all I gots to say to you right now. Oh, and can I haz some quinoa?