Bang on!

When I got home yesterday I hopped on the elliptical for 25 minutes and then felt good so I banged out 2 reps through of the BRTV hot girls sweat workout before supper. Woke me up nicely for a long night of editing. It's tricky being a detailed corrector of your own work, but I am trying. I am also incorporating both supervisor's comments and edits and trying to keep the flow of things. I think I have done so. I am half done. Tonight is the other half. And the figures. Somewhere in the middle I have to finish a draft of my abstract. Sheesh.
I'd like to have a draft that I can pop in to work next week and print off a final draft for my supervisors to go over while I am camping for a day or so...Here's hoping I can. I didn't want to take it to the lake, but I will. Maybe print off a copy for me too to go over on the drive back. I also have to finishing my reference updating which requires the internet and (for some painful reason) is now taking over 15 minutes per reference to add. I have about 20 left...I am trying to add them here and there at work in the hopes of getting them done. Crossing my fingers and toes. SO close.
Since I was up until 3 and have another long night of editing, as well as driving all friday to see my Dad I don't want to overdo it today. I may try and bang out a short workout again when I get home. We'll sure felt good yesterday :).

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